Is this Cheating



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First time cooking this recipe on my WSM and didn't know how long it would take to get the smoker down from 450* to a constant 350*, so the oven was the likely choice.

That makes perfect sense, Jeff - thanks for clarifying. I was curious b/c often a "direct" sear can get some nice browning that is harder to achieve with an "indirect" sear (IMHO), but you sure nailed it beautifully and got some incredible color there without overcooking it one bit. Fantastic, Jeff!


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I would say its just a different way of going about it. But I would also say, why bother with the oven? If you want a sear on it try putting the cooking grates on top of the charcoal ring in your wsm. Let the coals get nice n hot and sear it over the coals. Then put the wsm back together and cook it. Just my two cents.