Is this a common thing

Rich Dahl

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This a few years ago that was a big thing on the forum with Smokey Joes and tamale pots or steamer pots in between. I still have mine and it works great even like it better than my 18.5 WSM. It's done a 100 pounds of bacon or more and a lot of pork butts.
That was before Weber came out with the 14.5 WSM.


I’ve got that same conversion, I think I paid $175 for it. Way less than a 21” WSM as I had found a free kettle. Came with the leg kit and a ss water pan and instructions. It cooks great, but I still use the 18” the most as it doesn’t eat as much charcoal as that 22” although I think I had 9 racks of spares on that 22” conversion.

Dustin Flavell

Interesting. Seller claims Cajun smoker. I had one of the Cajun Bandit kits too. Parts of that are definitely CB like the coal ring and maybe the door. The door however looks like a “custom” attachment job. The extension is greenish not black like CBs. Hard to tell in the pictures but it almost looks like a drum that was cut down. I’d probably pass at 100 bucks, but the concept is nice for those with limited space.
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