Is Covering the Grill OK


G Savrnoch

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Good morning, just brought home my new Performer this weekend and have been cooking like crazy - really loving it. I bought a Weber cover with it. This weekend I was watching a Youtube video IIRC and the guy said keep you vents open while not in use to allow ventilation and moisture reduction inside - makes sense.

Can I assume the Weber covers are breathable to a degree i.e. won't trap moisture and accelerate moisture problems? Right now the grill has top and bottom open and is covered. Am I reading too much into this? Cheers.
No, the cover isn't breathable. I store my grills covered with only the bottom vents open and have had no issues.
+1, I also try to get as much of the ash out as I can even if I plan to reuse the coals. The ash holds moisture. I never had a problem with a cover. If I were worried about I, I'd remove the cover every now and then to let things air out. IMO, the benefits of regularly using a cover far outweigh any downside.
Yeah I'm probably reading into this too much. Cover on, bottom vents open makes good sense. That way air enters under the cover and up into the vents.