Info Request on the "PNWBA All Star" Cooking Class

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Dave Lewis

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Hey, I saw a story in the Pacific Northwest BBQ ***'n newsletter about a planned "All Star" Cooking Class. Unfortunately, the PNWBA website does not provide any information. I think many of us in the Pacific Northwest would be interested in attending this class. Here are the list of instructors:

Rick Naug, owner of Apple Creek Timber, will discuss "the use of wood and charcoal in cooking."

Judi Anderson, Mad Momma and the Kids, will "show you everything you need to know about chicken."

Konrad Haskins, TeddyBearBBQ, "will share the secrets of pork ribs."

Jim Minion, creator of the Minion Method, "will show you how to cook award winning pork."

John Seurferling (Juju's Dad), Brother John's BBQ Revival, "will be showing his winning ways with beef brisket."

This sounds like an awesome class!!! All these folks use WSM's in competition and many have been our mentors on this site. Where can I sign up!

Jim Minion

TVWBB Emerald Member
At the last board meeting of the PNWBA they moved the date of the class to July at the earliest.
Because of happening since that time 3 out of the 4 instructors will not be part of the class (Konrad, Rick, and myself) and there is a good chance that Judy Anderson won't be able to be there also.

The WBBQA is going to put on a class on March 27th, Konrad, Rick and myself will be giving the class. Cost is $110 which covers meat, spices, fuel and wood.

The WBBQA is also talking to DrBBQ about doing his competition class in Aug. It looks very good at this point that will happen.

If you are interested in one of the classes please feel free to contact me at 888-527-7661.

Dave Lewis

TVWBB Super Fan
Jim, I'll keep checking the WBBQA website for details.

One of my complaints with the PNWBA website has always been that it is not updated very often. The snail-mail "Drippings from the Pit" PNWBA newsletter contains more information and is more current than the PNWBA website. (I realize that folks are busy with their real jobs, but it can be frustrating at times) I have been pleasantly surprised to find new information on almost daily.
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