Indoor cooking...


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It was raining Ctz´n´Dgs outside yesterday...To make it worse the Wind was so hard the roof over my Cooking area wouldent matter. But we had the meat marinating so we did the skewers in the fire place.

The fire:

B/S chicken breasts marinated in: Lime/garlic/thyme. Pork neck marinated in: A store bought spice´n´oil mix(Kaj P) Some ABT´s with a fresh cheese(with herbs).

When the fire turned to coals...2 fire bricks was added to support the oven grate(perfect fit)

getting there...Even if the coals was almost dead.

Served with a cold Pasta salad.

A decent dinner(altough the chicken was a bit dry)

Thanks for looking.

John Bridgman

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I'm not sure what part of that cook I like best... the chicken breasts on skewers, cooking in the fireplace, or... "ABTs on a stick" ;)

Gary H. NJ

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Wolgast 1, weather 0! Indoor grilling old school method -- I love it. Hoping to do something similar this winter.

Ed M.

Looks like mother nature couldn't keep you from having a grilled meal.:)

Very nice looking cook, Daniel!

Kim Drana

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Daniel....I thought I was the only one that grilled indoors like this.....I am not alone. Love it...its the best specially when the weather is bad! Great meal! One can never have enough spare bricks. I will be posting the same this winter I am sure.

Bob Correll

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A little wind, and a little rain sent you inside to cook?
And here I thought you Swedes were a hearty bunch:p

Just kidding of course:)
Super looking supper Daniel.
Hope you rebuilt the fire later for a little snuggle!


Still did not attack the snow, and already there's indoor grilling ...
Well in the north you get it. Weather is blind and in Sweden in particular.
The result seems to be perfect for me.