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Darryl - swazies

TVWBB Wizard
Made this dish all not outside but all on the inside. Nice twist here.
Sweet potatoes are pre baked and start out soft.
Sweet potato slices, asparagus, basted butter haddock with fresh cut dill and lemon.
Sweets had Salt pepper, chili powder, garlic, paprika.
Haddock is spiced with salt and pepper.
Fried onions to start then we add the fish and basted with butter.
Asparagus is salt pepper with olive oil.
This dish is fresh tasty.


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Darryl - swazies

TVWBB Wizard
Looks good Darryl.

Is it still winter up north?, we hit 28C the other day which is around 85 for you.
I am bbq'ing 5 days a week....last night was chilly out and had to eat some dill.....our little hydro herb garden grows like crazy and the dill is insane.
Fish is also a lighter meal than the other 5 days of bbq.
We also aim to eat what we have in the fridge still and try to eat all the food up before the end of the weekend......we used to throw a fair bit out, now it's very shopping and buying what we will eat.
The pictures actually don't do it any justice, the flavors on the fish and potato were spectacular.
If anyone likes sweet potatoes a lot you should ask for some tips on how I do it..............slow in a pan with the right spices and its really delicious. the sweet potato is a better choice if one was to really pay attention on what goes in the body.
Also my text in the first post is what happens when too much 100 proof goes down the hole, apparently I don't make a ton of sense.