I saw something today that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Maybe a redo on the Original Weber Kettle? Circa 1952??
download (2).jpg
Chris, Is this it?

Note from Moderator: On 9/28, I received an email from Tom Fuller, Weber's Global Category Director, Charcoal Grills, requesting that I take down the two images in this post showing 70th anniversary kettle concepts. These restricted, confidential images found their way into a Facebook group post where Kyle spotted them and reposted them here. In the spirit of ongoing cooperation and good relations with Weber, I have taken them down per Tom's request.
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This a quote from the Weber Kettle Club site:

Very sorry everyone, had to pull the post for the moment. Hope to have the info back up soon...
Hmm. Top four are different than bottom one. I don’t really like the lid badge, not sure why the Lakeshore talks about a Thunderbird but has a pic of a Corvette...

I’ll see what the official release is from Weber. If it’s the top four, Lakeshore and yellow would be certain buys with satin black a possibility. The one on bottom does nothing for me.
OK...I have been in touch with my source. He says:

"You can reveal that Harry Soo is the culprit who has something unique and special to share and will post the unboxing as soon as he can on YouTube! You can hint that it has something to do with 1952."
Woop there it is!