How to preheat with blower



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I recently received a fireboard drive with their blower. I installed it in my 22 wsm using their adapter and one of the three bottom vents. I’m trying to figure out how the startup procedure should be modified. Normally for ribs I’d use the minion method and open bottom vents 100% until about 50 degrees below the desired temperature and then go to 25% open on the vents. I thought I read that their blower is good at maintaining but not at preheating. I had a hard time getting to 235 on the first cook. I also noticed that the coals burned from the side with the blower across to the other side. Can someone help me here on how to preheat if a blower is installed?

Bob Bass

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Hi Brian. To help set the conditions you're talking about, could you basically tell how you are doing the minion start, ie unlit fill level, amount of lit coals added to unlit and how and where are they added. Each person has a slightly different process.