How to eliminate MICE!


Thomas Leigl

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Last year I purchased a new Weber 2200 portable gas grill along with portable stand. I live in Wisconsin so I keep a cover on it when not is use.

Recently, I've had mice getting into the area by the gas port....and making a nest. I have yet to find away to keep them out and winter is coming so I'll
need to keep the cover on. I thought about buying some type of an outdoor storage bin or container with a cover. The grill is easy enough to remove
from the stand......just place it inside until I'm ready to grill. My only problem with this idea is my grilling area is very small and adding another container
would be an issue.

Just wondering what others do eliminate these creepy little critters?

Would appreciate your thoughts.


Jason Godard

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Put a cottonball soaked with peppermint oil in there. It’s not dangerous to you, but rodents will not tolerate the smell.

Chris Allingham

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I've had mice in and around my grill. They get habituated once they find your grill. I've set traps around the legs and wheels with good results. Also, keeping a grill clean will make it less attractive to pests of all kinds.


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Tomcat makes a good rodent trap, you can get them at your local Home Depot or Tractor Supply. The best method for us is our cats. They catch mice all the time (we have a field behind us) The girl cats are good about killing the mice, the boy cat (killed by a coyote) liked to bring them in alive so that we too could play with it

Thomas Leigl

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Thanks for the suggestions! I've tried the trap thing with little success. We live in a country sub-division; our backyard faces a woods and field. Our neighbor's cat pays a frequent visit to our backyard....but we still get the mice. Wife if allergic to cats and dogs so the cat thing will not work.

I just returned from the local Fleet Farm; purchased an oversized outdoor tote w/cover (32" W x 20" D x 20" H); the Q2200 fits in nicely. I placed the tote on top of the stand (it's light and easy to handle) and secured it with strap. So now when I want to cook with it, all I need to do is pull the unit out, slide it back on the stand, then re-connect the gas line. I don't use the Q2200 that much so it won't be a burden. I use the Weber charcoal grill and my Traeger Timberline 850 more often......I have not had any problems with mice with those two units!
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