How much longer do you think i have to wait?

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Hi guys sorry about the subject couldn't come up with a better one. I currently have a 12 pound bone-in pork butt (i think the cut i have is called a picnic ham) on my smoker going at ~250. Its temp of the butt is ~150. Its about 2:30PM. We were wanting to eat around 5:00PM-6:00PM. How much longer do you think i have to wait. We are wanting to slice it rather than shred it. So i'm guessing the final temp i'm looking for is between 170-175? Usually when i shred it i usually bring it to ~200. I'm wandering if i should kick up the temp to maybe 325 or if i'm doing ok. thanks....


Is it ham?
Anything over 145 is fine for pork...fully pasteurized in 3 min.

Its actually full pasteurized by time get to 140.

But to have fall apart for pulling, I do 198 +

In between, not sure what you expecting. The cure in ham tenderizes it some.

If its just a picnic shoulder, not ham, ive only pulled that.
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No its not a ham. Its not cured. It has the femur (leg) bone going through it. Its like a pork butt.

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You should be fine for slicing by 6:00 but, remember the barbecuers mantra...
“It will be done when it is done.”
It might be 7:00 so, have snacking goodies and beverages to fill slack time, just in case.
A picnic is a foreleg, not really a shoulder, shoulder is above the foreleg. I might kick temps up a bit and see what happens, I do picnics as “Pernil” when I can find them skin on.
Have a dandy evening!


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Picnic go to 180 for slicing, foiling or kicking up the temps help power thru a stall.