How--if at all--does Weber use a website like

Monty House

Hi Kevin,

First off, thank you for doing this.

How does a company like Weber view a non-company chat board like TVWBB? Did it take awhile internally before it was accepted as "real"? How, if any, has Weber used discussions here to further product development, etc?

Chris Arnold

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I would would that any 'media savvy' company would be monitoring social media sites for comments and ideas. Weber have a really good customer service organisation, so hope they keep an eye out - and of course this is the best 'independent' site there is.

The trouble is - there are lots of Weber sites these Facebook & Twitter (including country specific accounts) and then TVWB, WKC etc all created by enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts.

J Sprecher

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to piggyback off of Monty's question: I wonder if Weber has noticed the mini wsm that can be found on this site and others?

Kevin Kolman

One thing that Weber has done and always will is listen to our consumers. One way of doing that is researching forums, blogs and anything else related to grilling, bbq'ing and smoking. I cannot speak to the did it take awhile internally because I do not know that answer. What I do know is we love our consumers and there passions for grilling. Sites like this help consumers very much like we do as a customer. We support there development and want them to have the best possible experience with our products. If anything, we appreciate because it is a legitimate resource which helps educate, advocate and help passionate Weber users.

The folks who write the WSM owner's manual should spend a few weeks on here and then rewrite the instructions.

Telling folks about the Minion method, alone, will make them enjoy their smoker much, much more. If you go by the manual, you'll be up all night refilling the fuel trying to cook brisket or butts.

Kevin Kolman

We are currently looking at ways to enhance our instructions. Thanks for the thought and I will suggest that.

Have a great weekend