How do you eat your BBQ?


C Lewis

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Just curious if there are any regional differences or just preferences at everyone's house. At most of our events, and most of the ones in our area/circle of friends/family, this is how we do it.

Pulled Pork is served "naked", and almost everyone puts it on a bun for a sandwich, though a few may just put a pile on a plate. Sauce is added afterwards, and probably half put cole slaw on the top of the pork. Sauce is usually red sweet sauce, some use the white Alabama sauce, some eat it plain.

Brisket is made on a sandwich by most as well, with some adding a little red sauce. Some will just have slices on a plate though.

Ribs are usually served cut into individual ribs, with a drizzle of sauce, more available if needed. Unless it is a smaller party where everyone gets a whole or half rack. I prefer St. Louis style, but will usually cook babybacks as that is what most are used to.

Chicken is usually spatchcocked at my house, sliced up and served in a pile, no whole pieces. Some will put it on a roll, some will plate. Our white sauce usually gets the most use on chicken.

Most sides around here are baked beans, homemade macaroni and cheese, potato or macaroni salad, cole slaw, and cornbread.

How does this compare with your house or locality?



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Eat it any way that's convenient, fits the mood, fits the food, etc.

Pork butt almost always gets pulled, Some will just put a pile on a plate, some make sandwiches (maybe Memphis style w/ coleslaw.)
Brisket, any which way but loose. Piled on a plate, sandwiches, on baked potatoes.
Chicken.... quartered, picked & pulled, whatever.

I don't think there's a wrong way, as long as it gets eaten.

Dwain Pannell

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I usually put out slice brisket, turkey, chicken, pull pork, etc, and place various sauces and buns out for guests to prepare their food the way they prefer. I usually eat sensa bun but some prefer it. I never put slaw on BBQ. Always serve with pickled veggies. Sometimes I don’t use sauce.

sides are tough on a low carb diet.
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Some of my Son's are on low carb so no buns they like bowls.
I like white rice as a side when I make my BBQ beans, so pulled pork, rice and beans in a bowl is great for brefast.

C Lewis

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Some of my Son's are on low carb so no buns they like bowls.
I like white rice as a side when I make my BBQ beans, so pulled pork, rice and beans in a bowl is great for brefast.
Interesting on the rice, I've never heard of it in beans like that. I always put it in chili though. I'm definitely going to try your way. Thanks for the tip.

Scott Hollister

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I go naked most of the time! Oh,,, we are talking bbq here. I guess same for that. Pulled pork - naked. Brisket - naked. Ribs - light bbq sauce on the smoker, caramelized. IMO, if they need more than a touch of sauce it's likely because it's dry. Saying that, once in a while I'm in the mood for a bit more sauce. To each his own though, spice of life, etc....


Pulled pork I prefer a light cider vinegar based sauce. I hate mayonnaise and am not fond of cabbage, so no slaw for me. No pickles either. Just the pork, a bun, and the vinegar sauce if there's some available. The first time I had pulled pork was in South Carolina so maybe the vinegar sauce they used left an indelible impression.

One of the best meals I've ever had was a "fusion", otherwise known as "I've run out of buns so what can I put the pulled pork on?" Pulled pork on a flour tortilla topped with some home made cooked salsa of tomatoes, chiles, onions, and a bit of cider vinegar to be sure the acid level was high enough for canning. I was skeptical of how it would taste but it was fantastic.


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Next time you reheat your pulled pork use a frying pan.
I know the norm is to reheat it gently with a little AJ or stock but this turns out nice and crispy.
Better to have a little BBQ sauce in the mix for caramelization.