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Home Made Pasta - Atlas 150 Pasta Mill



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My mother had something like the one above. Heavy cast aluminum. Bought it way back when I was just a little tyker so likely in the early mid 50s. Of course it was just another one of the things from late mom my ex sister in law talked my dad out of :(


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OK....I gotta get one of those ravioli molds....but I was still pretty happy with my first attempt...lemon ricotta ravioli in beef/pork ragu...

I didn't want to cut too close to the filling (I just used a knife) as I was worried they would explode in the water, but no ravioli was lost...not the prettiest, but damn they were good!





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So now my wife things I have some pasta gift....I didn't have the heart to tell her how easy this is to do. Just using some leftover dough as a side dish for a BBQ Italian seasoned pork roast tonight. Will just toss the little bowties in red sauce and parm...

Make some squares...


Pinch two opposite edges together...



Rich G

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Grant, the ravioli and bowties look perfect! I'll have to make the bowties sometime! :)