High in NE New Mexico

M Johnson

New member
Here at 6400' elevation, grilling is...different.
I hope to learn some tricks here. Keeping heat at 350○ is a challenge.
Maybe add a hair dryer attachment to my Weber Performer?
More holes near the lower for better draft?
Liquid hydrogen?
Nuclear briquettes?
I am here to learn. My pork chops were tender and oh so good. But, I miss a good sear.


Welcome! Don’t be afraid to start a thread and post your questions. Personally I can’t offer any advice on high altitude cooking. Maybe the Vortex will help?

M Johnson

New member
OK gentlemen, my second grilling here went just great. This time, I used my Weber Chimney and filled it, so I had MORE CHARCOAL.
That did the trick. As a matter of fact, Keeping the temp at 350 was easy!
Sadly, my steaks cooked quickly, and I grilled 2 perfectly good t-bones well done. :(

Next time...I'll kill it!