High Heat Paint Issue


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I painted this with high heat ultra rustOlem. Let it set for about 7 days and the put this cover on it. It’s been stored in my climate controlled garage for about 5 weeks. Out it out today to deliver and it’s like the paint melted. Maybe a chemical reaction? It’s tacky to the touch and dried instantly on my hand...image.jpg Has anyone ever experienced this? Your help is appreciatedA67B03F4-BAE7-4FAA-8F75-BD5A7C28EA1B.jpeg07862A9B-9881-4EB9-86BD-799194BEEB5D.jpeg267F9761-6BEB-4B82-A221-CC8B37187E25.jpeg
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Rich Dahl

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Had the same exact thing happen a few years ago with my mini I painted with HH rustolem. The smoker had been painted about a month before it happened.

Jon Tofte

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This is over my CPA pay grade, but I believe you need to do some heat up and cooling rounds after applying high heat paint to properly cure it.


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Must have just been then 70 degree garage that didn’t allow it to cure property... I’ve sanded it all down and am repainting. Glad temps haven’t dropped here yet.

Hopefully can repaint tomorrow after I watch my Royals and say goodbye to Alex Gordon.