High Heat Chicken on the WSM


Dustin Dorsey

TVWBB Honor Circle
I cooked some high heat chicken on the WSM using Tootsie's mop sauce for smoke day this year.

Chicken seasoned up simply with kosher salt, black pepper, and granulated garlic. I let the chicken dry brine overnight.

Making some of Tootsie's mop sauce.

Fired up the WSM with lump and a chunk of pecan and a chunk of post oak.

I took the water pan out and cooked with direct heat. I mopped every 15 minutes. and cooked the chicken to an internal of 160.

Finished chicken.

My wife made macaroni salad.

Plated. I used the food setting on my phone's camera and wound up with this weird pic focused on this wing. It's the only one I took. Whoops.
I hope everyone had a happy WSM Smoke Day!

Brad Olson

TVWBB Diamond Member
Looks great! I'm guessing that Tootsie is Tootsie from Snow's...is the mop recipe online? I thought maybe I'd find it in A. Franklin's book but didn't see anything.

Lynn Dollar

TVWBB Gold Member
I mopped my high heat pork steak with Tootsies sauce. The aroma in the kitchen when its cooking, is fantastic .

Tasty lookin yardbird.