Hi from AZ

Brian JP

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Hello from Flagstaff, AZ!

I recently traded a Camp Chef Smoke Vault for an 18.5 WSM. Over the holidays I took advantage of the Thermoworks sale and bought the Signals/Billows combo, so now I am trying to figure that out also. Although, I find it interesting to learn and understand the process, I want to eliminate some variability, especially when we have guests coming for dinner. Nothing worse than preparing a meal and the meat doesn't get done in time or turn out the way you want it to.

My "day grill" is a Weber Performer, I also have a Weber Genesis propane grill and a Weber Limited Edition dedicated with a KettlePizza insert.

Over the years, I have appreciated reading the tvwbb, many times it is the only resource available to find what you are looking for.


Welcome to the 18.5 WSM fan club!

You will love it and get a lot of memorable cooks out of it.

Just back from Flag yesterday...had a little fun in the snow.

Rich Dahl

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Welcome to the forum Brian, if you've been lurking you know there is a lot of knowledge on here for just about any outdoor cooking and everyone is willing to share their knowledge.
With 10 Weber's and a new Camp Chef pellet grill my wife Barb who is also a member we enjoy smoking, grilling and BBQ.
Also we live in Prescott Valley which is east of Prescott.
Not much snow here so far but the coldest it's been in the 17 years we've lived here.