Help rookie mistake need immediate attention.

R Rochester

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I am smoking pork baby back ribs tomorrow for 8 adults. While preparing to put on the rub, I notices ribs were still frozen. I put them in microwave on defrost, but they look like portions near the edges began to cook.....Help, what should I do?

Chris Allingham

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I would cut off the cooked portion and proceed from there. Otherwise, if you leave intact you'll end up with portions that are waaaaay overcooked and you'll end up discarding them anyway.

If you were cooking tomorrow and ribs were frozen today, you'd have been better off defrosting them in water somehow, maybe in an ice chest of coolish water. They would have defrosted quickly. Next time... :)

Good luck!

Bob Correll

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What Chris said, plus, no need to rub today for a cook tomorrow.
I put on the rub right before going on the smoker, works well for me.

R Rochester

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Chris and Bob,
Thank you for your quick responses, I will cut off what I can. Will defrost in water in the future. I had done this before with Turkey but forgot.
As a follow up, Bob, I always thought putting the rub on overnight was better because it seasons and preps meat better and spreads the tasks out so not everything happens in one day. I may be wrong on that point and will try same day rub next time and see how it goes..... again I am a bit of a rookie.

Thanks Guys. RR

Timothy F. Lewis

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I have applied rub the day before or five minutes before smoking an I don’t really see any big advantage except if you do it just before smoking, you only have one cleanup to do.
Once you get going you will find out what things work for you and what doesn’t.
The first rule of BBQ is, you have to enjoy yourself!


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I'm late to the game and wouldn't have been able to offer any better feedback anyway but this is the first thread I've been privileged to read in at least two weeks. So I've been holding it in and need to release :confused:. If I haven't been staying at the office until late in the evenings I've been coming home, eating a meal made by the temporarily-laid-off Mrs., then logging on and working until I was wiped out, only to start again between 5-6 AM. Enough whining but the meat of my story is this reminds me of a pork shoulder I did a few months ago. I've read a post here or there where folks smoked a frozen shoulder, so I did one just out of curiosity. To my old taste buds it turned out just as good as any others and I suspect it didn't add much additional cook time. Less than 2 additional hours if I'm guessing right.

How were your ribs, R?


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I'm another, rub right as I'm getting the coals started. I've read that overnite ribs that have been rubbed can have a hammy taste, depending on the amount of salt.
And in the future even partially frozen meat can still be used on the WSM. I have done fully frozen butts and chuck roasts, and some partially frozen ribs.
Takes a little longer to come up to temps, but cooking times stay the same.


R Rochester

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Thanks for all the feedback. I cut off a few spots and smoked them without changing anything other than keeping a closer eye on temp. Having the Maverick Temp probes help. Kept them aroun 225 the entire cook. Ribs were finished faster, otter than that they were tasty.
So thankful for this site, I have learned greatly from the experience and wisdom of those willing to post good and bad experiences. Happy Smoking!