Help- Flame for the Flame 🔥 fireplace


Richard S

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Any advice or thoughts on if this flame is what it should be?IMG_1585.jpegIMG_1584.jpegIt seems like it is a low flame and it is on the high setting. I have a full tank of fuel.
Any ideas on how to get a bigger flame?
It looks off to me, but I don't have one so can't say for sure. Did it just start doing that? I guess I would start with taking it apart and cleaning it really well.
Propane, right? Sometimes it's as easy a disconnecting the bottle from the pit, and reconnecting it. Try that two ways: 1) With the bottle off, 2) With the bottle on

Sometimes shaking the bottle makes a difference, try that and then the above. Another thing is that the bottle might not have been bled before refilling, and there's too much air in the tank to get a good fuel run. Try connecting a different bottle

If that doesn't work, then like Steve says, a good cleaning. A lot of times, spiders get in the manifold and build nests, clogging up the manifold. So maybe just getting some pressurized air and spraying into the manifold fixes the problem.

Those have been my experiences, yours may vary
Check the gas system out to include taking the valve apart and removing the valve orifice and making sure there is nothing in there.

This was a Flame valve I disassembled a few years ago that I was having gas flow problems on. The insect larva was just inside the orifice. It was dead, but probably hatched in there and grew too big to get back out.20200822 Weber flame Valve cleaning (4x).jpg.

This is what it should look like on full blast:

20200822 Weber flame Valve cleaning (8).jpg