Hellrazr Outdoor Cooking


Chris S in YEG

Has anybody had any experience with these BBQs. They just popped across my Facebook feed today. I took a look at some of the stuff they offer and its very interesting. Innovative designs and some out of the box thinking. On the downside very costly. For example $200 for the INCINARATOR (chimney/cooking apparatus.) As well the NOMAD is an interesting unit and looks like a fun "toy" to play with but at $575 its a pipe dream right now.

Hellrazr is selling well in Europen markets and I hope they will do well in the US. They are made in Canada so the quality will be solid. I will be helping them set up dealers so if anyone knows a retailer that would be interested please let me know. I like the look and feel of them and will be cooking on the Yama this weekend.

Happy Fathers Day to everyone!
If their knife is $525, I'm not even going to look at their BBQ's

If their knife is $525, I'm not even going to look at their BBQ's (Photo of knife, see above.)
Lol...I had that same thought,, Chuck.
Me too, and then I saw that cutting board for $350.99. That design can't be good for your knife edge if it bumps into the steel that is flush against two sides.

What impressed me the most is that they must have really big (uhh ... egos?) to be asking those prices for some of the items they make.
I like the size of the Yama but with the type of grill the have for it, it looks like a small grilling surface. As well to get the charcoal basket and heat deflector to make the Yama versatile and increase its capabilities your looking at over $1000 for a portable grill.
I’m no expert on knifes, but they do look nice.

The Yama sells for $750 Canadian, so that’s about $598 US. Of course each dealer will set their own pricing so that’s just a ballpark figure. That price seems in line with current high end portables on the market today.