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My name is Luke McKenzie. I just purchased my first weber grill yesterday. It is a Weber Genesis Redhead 1000 or maybe 1100 . I am not sure how to tell the difference yet. I got tired of buying other styles grills that didn't last. So I found this one on craigslist. I wanted something that was built to last. I am starting the restoration this weekend.


Does anyone know if this is a 1000 or 1100. I have read post that say 1000 and others that say 1100. Thank you for your help
Welcome to the forum, Luke. I don't know the answer to your question, but you're in the right place. Someone here will know the answer. :)
Welcome to the forum, Luke!

I think I saw that grill on Craigslist a time or two. Good luck with your rebuild.
Welcome to the forum Luke. I don't know the answer to your question but there some extremely knowledgable members here that I'm sure will know. In any event I'm glad you joined us.
Luke, welcome to the forum. It looks like a Silver B. How many flavorizer bars does it have? If it has 5 it's a Silver B if it has 13 it's a Genesis 1000, which predates the Silver B.
Welcome Luke to the forum. Now that you have a Weber its only the beginning!! They just seam to grow and more keep showing up. Rich and I have 9 and we have stop, ran out of room but we use them all. Looking forward to seeing this one when you finish it and seeing some cooks. Again Welcome.
What's up all I'm a seasoned charcoal griller but a rookie smoker! I've done what I could with "smoking" in my weber but never in my new WBS. I live in Chicago and right now temps are roughly in the 20s Last night out of the box I attempted a trial run where I kept by temps pretty consistent in the 250 range but no meat on the grill. I monitored the water and fuel for eight hours. I'm attempting to put on two pork butts at midnight tonight one 10 pound and one 5 pound (Super Bowl dinner) my question to all you seasoned veterans is shall I assume I'm cooking one 15 pound butt or just assume the smaller one will cook sooner? Secondly should I keep them both on the top rack or split them up ?Sorry late notice and I'm happy I could join this forum?
Welcome, Luke! I had to look on the map to see where Mt. Ulla is, but you aren't too far from Clemmons. This is a great forum, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Come to think of it, I've been through there more than one time (Mt Ulla) via NC-801. You can follow 801 through Cooleemee and eat at the Red Pig BBQ. Been a while since I ate there, but I thought they had some very good BBQ sandwiches and BBQ slaw. I hate they shut down the seafood restaurant where 801 and US-70 intersected. We ate there a few times as well.