HeaterMeter and Lithium Jump Starter Battery?


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Has anyone used a 12V lithium jump starter battery that are popular now to power the HeaterMeter, fan and damper? They seem to have plenty of capacity to run it for hours.

There's the Halo Bolt which has an AC outlet (I assume it's a modified sine wave inverter). I'm hoping to go direct DC, no need to go from DC to AC to DC.



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Thanks! I saw that one but was thinking to multipurpose an HM power supply and jump starter. The jump starters have even more capacity. Do you know of any dangers to the HM or drawbacks from using a jump starter battery? I wonder if they're a stable 12V.

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It would be great to know the ballpark on how many milliamps per hour the HM uses with the tiny delta fan. I was actually thinking of using a Ryobi Oneplus 18V battery with a buck converter to power it, as I have done for many other devices - I love the One+ standard and have about 10 tools that use the battery.

A hunch would say HM doesnt use much power but I am sure somebody has hard numbers, too?


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It's already been done with the same battery!
Check the link below:

Kill-A-Watt meter says it's drawing:
1.2 W, HM only with Raspberry Pi Zero W
4.4 W with Delta fan, no damper.

The recommended Triad power supply output is 1.0 A. So (1.0 A x 12V =) 12 W would be the maximum power needed.