Heater Meter Ethernet Issue

Jeff Konopacki

New member
Recently I purchased a preassembled Heater Meter Rev. 4.3.4. I assembled to the LCD Backpack v4 and it booted up fine including connecting via DHCP. Yesterday on a power cycle the unit seems to be constantly resetting. All leds including the backlight blink on, the Heater Meter logo blinks on the LCD and then every thing turns off. I loops in this cycle every 2 seconds. When in this cyclic mode it will not pull an IP address. If I unplug the RJ45 device boots up fine. Seems like device is resetting. I tried a different ethernet cable as well as a different power supply with no change.




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the RJ45 you're mentioning, is it a network cable or the cable for the fan? which pi are you using? are you for certain you don't have the pi ethernet and the HeaterMeter ethernet jacks confused? I know it seems dumb, but just want to make sure. thanks.

Bryan Mayland

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Yeah be sure you're not plugging the Ethernet cable into the HeaterMeter output, that's the first thing I'd check. They're both RJ45 connectors. I have no idea what sort of damage that could cause to the network equipment. I've done it before myself with a dumb old hub (and everything worked ok after I unplugged it), but modern network gear might try to flip wires to make a connection and who knows what having full 12V power sent down the line will do.