Having Moka Pot issues!


Timothy F. Lewis

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My Moka pot is making me less than happy, it’s several years old but I’ve never used it very much (like maybe half a dozen times) I got it out checked over the seals and valve made sure everything was clean and safe. Filled it up, put it on the stove and the thing somehow boiled dry before producing ONE CUP! I’ve re read instructions, looked up method on boob tube, five attempts and I’ve gotten one decent cup. So, I’m thinking about replacement, I’d prefer a stainless steel unit over aluminum for durability, any suggestions for a replacement?
Leaning toward a four cup size. Don’t want to spend a fortune, under $40 if I can.
Larry, any recommendations?

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Olympian
Are you sure it’s stainless? When I was over there it sure as heck looked like aluminum. I may have been mistaken.
Nice to have someone do the legwork for me! Thanks Rich!


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I have one my uncle brought from Italy when he emigrates here in the late 50's. Sadly the seal is shot and if I try to make Espresso in it I get a mess. I THINK it's an old Bialetti as it looks like one. But I could not tell you that for sure. I rarely use it as well. I just bought a new coffee maker though. I got a Zojirushi. I was using an Oxo Barista Brain and the darn thing made about the best coffee I ever drank. But the seal inside the thermal carafes keep breaking and I end up with this disgusting black liquid oozing out of it. Had the same issue with the Mr Coffee machine as well. Oxo replaced my carafe twice and also the whole machine. I would like to get a Technivorm Moca Master but damn I can't see $300 for a coffee pot

Rich G

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My bad, TL. They bait/switched me on my search than link! :) It doesn't actually specify on the website, but I'll be you are right, probably not......

Looks like Bialetti makes a stainless "Venus" model, that's $38 at Amazon.....

I haven't used my Moka pot in quite a while. I've got the small, aluminum one. Worked fine, I'm just more of a "pressed coffee" kind of guy. Mostly use an Aeropress.