Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

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Chris Allingham

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Got my second shot of Moderna yesterday around 3:00 PM. Within the 15 minute waiting period, I felt a slight ache radiating down my forearm and into my thumb and index finger, but that passed and we went home. By 9:00 PM, the injection site was more painful, my temperature was 98.9*F, and I felt a headache coming on. Around midnight, I felt achy all over and chilled. This morning, my temp is 99.8*F with more tenderness at the injection site, headache, and fatigue. So I guess it's working!

Yesterday, I thought, "Feeling grateful for a vaccine that people 100 years ago could only dream of."

Update: On Friday night, my temperature peaked at 102.5*F then came back down to 99.5*F. I woke up Saturday morning with a near-normal temperature but felt fatigued and sometimes sweaty throughout the day. Slept well on Saturday night and woke up on Sunday feeling pretty much back to normal.

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Timothy F. Lewis

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After my second (Pfizer) on Wednesday, felt nothing until I rolled over on that arm in my sleep! That got my attention. Then yesterday, I just felt sluggish, slight headache but, nothing miserable. So, if I’ve got to get a booster in 6 months, fine.

Scott Borsick

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Pfizer 2nd vax was very sick almost exactly 12 hours later. All night chills, fever, body aches, headache just like I had the flu. I was better the next day as if I had a 12 hour flu.



Had my 2nd implant, I mean, Pfizzer vaccination Monday morning. Just like the 1st, 10-12 hours after the injection, mild tenderness around the injection site that lasted for 24 hours, with no limitation of movement or activities. No other reactions noted.


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Chris Allingham

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Sorry folks, once again discussion has slipped into general COVID discussion which we are not doing in this thread or on the forum in general. As a result, I've deleted the last four replies.

The intent of this thread was to indicate if you'd gotten your shot and how you reacted to getting it. Nothing more, nothing less. Since post frequency about shots and reactions has gone way down in this thread, I'm going to close it.
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