Harry Soo looking for old Weber kettle to cook old Weber recipes on


Chris Allingham

Staff member
If you've been following along, you know that Harry Soo recently received a replica buoy kettle as a gift from Weber. He wanted to cook some vintage recipes on it, but Weber says it's a display piece only and he should not cook on it. So Harry is looking for the next best thing, a really old vintage kettle that he can borrow (or buy) to cook some really old Weber recipes on.

If you're in Southern California and have such a grill, please email Harry at slapyodaddybbq@gmail.com


Jon Tofte

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Hopefully there is a Weber Kettle fan out there who can loan him a late 1950s/early 60s kettle. They are out there. That would be a treat to be mentioned in one of his videos. I have a patent pending, 1971 26” red flat top “Aristocrat” in rough but useable condition. It certainly looks old! I would think about shipping it to him if I could get it back.

Benny Gilbert

New member
I'd be happy to help Harry but sadly, my oldest kettle is from 1969. Also I'm in Texas, not California. I'll try and keep my eyes peeled though in case I stumble across something.