Handles that fit under the cover for WSM 22?

Larry M

New member
I recently purchased a WSM 22 to replace my 18. On my 18 I put the garage handles on the cooker, but then found I could not use the cover. Ended up using garbage bags. (my wsm sits outside all the time). I need handles so I can lift the body off the fire when I need to and with the 22 the need is even greater than it was for the 18. However, I still want to be able to slide the cover down. I thought of using straps that would lie flat or handles that would fold down. Not sure the straps would handle the heat and not sure i can fit the folding handles to the curve of the body. Interested in anyone thoughts or suggested solutions?

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
What about the kind of handles on ammo boxes? You know, the kind that are steel strap kind of things with steel rectangular attachments, does that help?

Dustin Flavell

If you are happy with your current handles and don’t want to change you could go to the 26” kettle cover. I added handles and a hinge to my 22 WSM and the 26” kettle cover will go over it no problem. It’s a tad shorter than the stock 22 cover but it works