Hamburg Buns

Len Dennis

TVWBB Diamond Member
This recipe (the way I divide the dough) makes 10 hamburg buns. This size results in perfect buns for 1/4 lb burgers.

I only use weights as it's sooooo much easier to adjust recipes. I hope you have a kitchen scale. BUT this time I'll add "cups":

4 cups ---500 gm--- bread flour (I use unbleached white)
1 cup ---230 gm--- water at ~ 100oF
1 egg
3T --- 40 gm--- butter
2T --- 30 gm---sugar
3T --- 25 gm---powdered milk
2t --- 10 gm --- salt
2 3/4t ---25 gm ----instant yeast (about one package but I buy in bulk)-can use regular yeast but should be proofed first if doing so

extra melted butter for brushing tops when baked

1) Assuming instant yeast, put all ingredients in your dough mixer. Mix on 1 (low speed) till just incorporated (about 3 min)
2) Once incorporated, turn speed to ~2 (low medium) for 5 minutes--until you see gluten development. Final temp should be ~76oF
3) Cover and let rest in warmish place ~ 1 hour
4) I use an 18" x 12" baking sheet so divide this dough into 10 pieces.
5) EITHER spray the sheet with Pam or use parchment paper. Prepare dough rounds and place on sheet. Lightly spray dough rounds with Pam and cover with plastic wrap so they don't stick to wrap or dry out.
6) Let rise again ~ one hour. Depends on your warming place but they'll be about 1" high. Ok if they stick to each other as they are easily separated after baking.

7) Remove wrap and bake at 400o for ~ 20 min (golden brown). Watch near end of time so they don't burn. Ovens do bake weirdly at times.
8) Remove buns when done and brush buns with melted butter while hot.

Let cool then separate.