Jerry H

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Anyone ever do a bone-in, spiral sliced ham on their mini? I have done a lot of them on my 18.5 WSM, but it will be filled with turkey for Thanksgiving. I going to do the ham on my mini and wondered if there was anything different I need to be aware of.


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I did a half ham on my 14.5 last Xmas. Possibly due to the smaller area it cooked faster than I expected so watch your temps. I smoked mine for an hour to set the glaze, then I foiled it for a while so it wouldn't dry out, and uncovered for the last 30 mins or so. It came out great and I am sure yours will, too. I can't remember exactly what temp I ran but I think it was 250.


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Not to thread jack but I'm doing a ham and taking to a friend's house. Did the foil wreck the glaze at all? I might have to keep mine foiled in a (warm) cooler for an hour or so and just wondering if I should also plan to throw it back in their oven to fix or reapply glaze.


Jerry H

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Thanks, LinBeri, I hear ya about the temp. Like I said, I've done a lot of hams. They always turn out great and are requested, but, this is the first one I'm doing on my mini and didn't want to ruin my ham "reputation "!! LOL
BrianRichards, just loosely foil it. It will be fine.

Khanh Hoang

just did a candied spiral ham for the first time in my mini..
I took the ham, I made a marinade of water, brown sugar and maple syrup, I food saver it for two days!!! in the frig.
Got mini-wsm up to 250F, put the ham in with a chunk of Avacado and Almond.. smoke for about 2 hours.. internal got up to 100F, I foiled it (Did not want the ham to blacken.. at this point it's Golden) and base it every 30 min of more brown sugar/maple glaze. When internal reached 140F, I pulled the ham and rested for about 45 min.. it was awesome..