Ground meat kebabs


Anne M.

i've tried something like this before and lost the meat in the grill :(
Time for another attempt!
I made up a spice mixture of coriander, cumin, smoked paprika, paprika, chili and flaked garlic (I was out of fresh).
Mixed into the ground meat, together with salt and fresh mint.
Formed into an elongated ball and kept in the fridge till the fire was ready.
Also made something tzatziki like, but with mint instead of dill.

Lit the kettle and with the fire almost ready, molded the meat on the skewer.
These skewers are huge. They fit side to side on the 18.5" weber kettle :)

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Careful of flare-up's....

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Yum! Sheftalia/Kofta stylee.
I prefer tzatziki with mint and cucumber as opposed to dill, (not a fan of it).
A Cypriot acquaintance told me the trick is to skewer a ball then elongate the meat along the skewer with wet hands. It works!

RichPB (richlife)

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Looks great and glad for your success! A couple of things you may consider -- one from my experience, on from my reading forums. I've found that adding an egg to my ground meat mixture (or cheese mixture for rellenos, etc.) helps to keep everything together. (You may want to add some bread crumbs if the egg makes it too loose.) The egg tends to cook and solidify quickly holding meat better and preventing cheese from melting out.

I've also read that mixing salt into you burgers or other ground meats may cause it to not hold together well. I've avoided adding salt internally and can only say that it seems to be fine -- no direct comparisons with and without.

Regardless, Anne, you've given me incentive to try burger kabobs. We have several skewer sets including bamboo, and all are smaller than your's look although a couple are flat like yours. Thanks for the great pics!


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My wife makes an Armenian version called Leleh Kabobs. She adds breadcrumbs (made from fresh broad) and an egg. This helps them hold together. Also - we do not use skewers. Instead, I cook them like hotdogs/sausages. Served in pita breads or rolled inside Armenian flatbread (which is very thin). Served with fried onions, yogurt, tzaziki, etc.

Traditionally they are made from lamb, but lamb/beef mixtures work, or pure beef or ground turkey works. Turkey is tricky because it's very soft. I would either have a good sear and minimize movements, or use a grilling sheet. Here's one recipe for Luleh Kabobs

Clay Neubauer

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We were talking about doing kebabs tonight and I have some homemade chorizo that needs to get used up, wonder how that would work out on a skewer....

Anne M.

I think the trick is to make sure the meat is cold. Then like Tony says, put a ball in the skewer and mold it around it.
Mince was standard. Like for burgers.
I would normally use egg and bread crumbs, but didn't this time.
Not using a grid definitely helps as well, but looks a bit dangerous initially ;)
Oh, and flat skewers!

Anyway, all worked wel and was actually very easy!