Greetings from The Netherlands

Ruud Kok

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I'm Ruud and from the east of The Netherlands.
I've bought myself a WSM 18.5" last christmas and have been smoking ever since on almost a weekly basis.
I also have a Weber Kettle 18.5" for grilling.

I'm looking forward to learn a lot on this forum.

Barb D

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Welcome Ruud, its a great place to lean things and if you have any questions just ask away. Looking forward to seeing some of your cooks.

Lynn Dollar

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Welcome, you've found a good place.

Being from the east of the Netherlands, most likely means some big WW II battles were fought in your area ?

I've always been impressed with the care given to graves of American servicemen in the Netherlands. Its very touching that those men who gave all are never forgotten.

And is it The Netherlands or Holland ? Is there a difference ?

Anne M.

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The Netherlands is the correct name....
But Holland is used as well, mainly by people from the North and Centre, hardly ever by those from the South.
Once upon a time, the dominant provinces were North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht, hence the name Holland.....

Lynn Dollar

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And The Netherlands are called the Low Countries ........... which include only Belgium and The Netherlands ?

Ruud Kok

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Thanks for the warm welcome ;-)
The low countries is what we sometimes now call the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg). Well sort of. It might have been a bit less or more. Look on wikipedia if you need more info ;-)

@Lynn Dollar : yes quite some battles have been fought here. A lot of rivers and bridges in this area so those are always important to conquer to get stuff across. (Operation Market Garden comes to mind). I live a bit north of Arnhem. There were a lot of things planned to remember Market Garden because it happened 75 years ago, but then COVID-19 came around.
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