Grate Lifter?

Jason in CA

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Here’s the one I use:

Simple and effective.
I have a couple of those that came with past grills. They were about the only thing I kept after the rest of the grill went to the scrapyard.


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Everyone has given grate ideas and if you have a pigtail food flipper you also have a great grate lifter.
I have a good set of heavy welding gloves that I use to lift my grates (hot or cold). I don't have one of those fancy grates where the center lifts out, gloves probably wouldn't work for that.


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I have a pair of those grilling gloves. They work great and give you excellent control of the grates, but if the grill is hot (500+ degrees), you can't really hold it for more that about 10 seconds or so before you need to set it down.

Jon Tofte

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I have a tool a lot like that although maybe not as nice. It works really well, so not too long ago I refinished the wood handle and high heat painted it. I have never seen another like it for sale until I saw this link.

Richard in NS

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I have the Napoleon one Peter and Jon have and I like it too. It will not work on the Weber Q series grills though as the gaps between the rods are too narrow.