Got a new MSM 18 today.....


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Howdy from Texas,

I just stared to smoke meats about 3 weeks ago on a neighbor's cheapie Offset smoker. Lucky for me I did start out with a 4 channel probe unit to take out the guess work.

My first 3 smokes were Pork Butts brined in an Apple Juice (and other ingredients) brine soaked for about 18 hours. The only other addition was some Morton's Nature's Seasons that I lightly rubbed on just before going in the smoker. The first one was so good, I couldn't even believe it myself. Shredded it for pulled pork. The family loved it, so it disappeared very quickly. The next 2 were done with the same basic brine and seasoning but I did change the cook profile a bit. I shot for a 205 degree internal temp for each one.

Can't believe I waited this long to start smoking meats! Tomorrow I do a 15 LB. brisket on the Offset Smoker as my Jealous Devil charcoal has not yet arrived.

I just assembled the WSM and also did the thermometer boil test. Very accurate! Really looking forward to using this based on a strong recommendation from a close friend.

Looking forward to learning some tricks and techniques from members here.