Good temperature monitoring thermometer for WSM/Kettle/Genesis S330 Grill?



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So about a year ago I snagged myself a Weber Mini grill temperature monitor for $50 CAD. At the time it was a pricing error in the store and so I jumped on it right away. FFWD to today and a proud owner of a lightly used WSM 22.5" smoker that I am in the market for an upgrade for my temperature probe b/c the Weber mini can only do 1 sensor at a time.

I snagged a Weber iGrill 2 on a price match deal for $101 CAD + tax (cheapest I've ever seen it hit was $70 CAD last year) and I wanted to get some feedback on the quality of the iGrill2. I'm quite content with the iGrill app as its been accurate and stable and never crashed on me.

I should also add that I ALSO picked up a weber ambient temperature sensor to clip onto the cooking grate of my smoker and that cost me an additional $22 CAD.

I've read on this forum that Thermopro is good and the model that seems to be recommended quite a bit is the TP-25 and it sells at regular price for $76 CAD and comes with 4 probes.

What is the consensus of the Weber temperature accessories with respect to value and quality? I like buying quality goods but when it comes to things like thermometers that I'd like to think that there are better quality, cheaper alternatives out there. I'm okay with the price I paid for the Weber and I have familiarity with the app so that's a bonus.

Alternatively, since I'm a new user to the WSM (lots of experience with the kettle) that should I forgo ALL the extra sensors and just use my exiting mini to monitor my rib temperature and call it day?



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I'm not sure if they ship to Canada or not but here is their website their website.

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