Georgia > Jackson: Fresh Air Bar-B-Que

Eddy Cloud

New member
I've lived in Jackson for about 7 years and I love BBQ. I tried this place a few years ago. I know there are different tastes in BBQ, and mine are a little differnt than most.

I prefer my pork butt in chunks, rubbed with sauce on the side. I did not care for their "pulled" pork. It was mushy. Maybe I just got it on a bad day.

There were no other smoked items (ribs, brisket sausage)on the menue.

I haven't been back since and would not go out of my way to visit.

Dick Buchanan

New member
I was lucky enough to visit Fresh Air a couple years ago and it was absolutely one of the best. I always try to visit the great BBQ places around lunch time, figuring everything's at its best then.