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Hi everyone! This is my first post. :)

I recently became an owner of a 2005 Genesis Silver C! Believe it or not, someone in my neighborhood was throwing this out! I found it when I was driving home from a friends house. I came home and told my wife about it, and she gave me a ride back over. She asked how I was going to get it home, and I said "I'll just pull it back to our house". Luckily, I only live about three blocks away. :cool:

I was happy to find the TVWBB site! Already been going through the restoration pages. Y'all do some nice work on grill restorations so I am motivated to do my first one with this "C". Here we go:


Yes, the inside of the cabinet has seen better days. I'm gonna have my work cut out for me there. I'm not paying $197 for a new one from Weber!


Hard to say, but this grill may have spent the last few years uncovered. Cabinet is full of dead snails. Weird....


Odd that the previous owners used the stainless burner cover literally to cook on. Really stained.


I've got my work cut out for me on this one. I'll post back with further updates.

Looking forward to chatting with everyone.


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Ed Pinnell

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I have that same grill! I like it a lot, as I'm sure you will! It might even be my favorite, but please don't tell my other grills...

About that burner cover...I've seen quite a few scorched covers on grills for sale. It's hard to see the burner flames during the day...either that, or too much Happy Juice...Anyway, wecome!

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IF you don't want to buy a new bottom from Weber, you might consider trying to pick up a used wire rack to put inside. The early Summits that had closed in cabinet had a wire rack bottom. I think that saved them from a lot of rust problems. Or, you could eliminate the cabinetry altogether, although on this particular grill I don't think I would do that.

Then I would do what you can with refurbishing the rest. I think you can possibly sand the stainless side burner lid or maybe just get rid of it unless you really think you will use it. I personally would rather have another shelf. Either way, the Silver C is a really nice grill. Many would say the last true Genesis. I have had a couple (B & C) and they were probably my favorites in terms of performance. Best wishes! Please keep the pictures coming as you progress.


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You must have looked the sight dragging that for 3 blocks :D You have something to start with there. Re, the bottom the crossmembers look suspect as well. You could get some steel tubing, make new ones and then make a new bottom from wood as someone else on the board did


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LMichaels, my wife totally shook her head at me and said “As long as this isn’t another one of your multi-month projects” you can have it. I’m sure I looked odd walking a Weber down the street, but it is Austin. We keep things weird here!

Starting to really get into it this week. Burners are just about shot and the crossbar between them is totally rusted out.


The bottom of the cabinet has about 1/3 good floor pan left. I’ve decided to cut out as much of the rusted out section and rivet in a new piece on top of the existing. Then paint it. The ends are ok, except for a small back corner.

Firebox looks good so will clean up and paint (outside) as much as I can.

The frame is in great shape, just a few rust spots here and there.

That’s it for now.


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Ed Pinnell

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This is one of those SWE (StopWatch Engineering) grills that takes a pro 15 minutes to assemble (consumers take 30 mins). Here's the assembly guide if you don't have one. My grandson and I took about 30 minutes to knock ours down and stow it in the car. The only issue is the cookbox bolt, but the Silver cookboxes will fit in the trunk of a Camry with the frame attached.


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RichB NH

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This brings up a question I had with my Platinum grill, what the heck is that long L shaped bracket sticking out into the cabinet? I believe it was a "Tank Deflector" or something according to the weber manual.

Looks like your restoration is coming out great so far!

Ed Pinnell

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It's there to prevent you from storing an LPG tank inside the cabinet, believe it or not. I think that was new for 2005.