Genesis 1000 Redtop

Graham C

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Hey. I have had a weber q grill for about 15 years that I love. Recently though, I picked up an old weber. I don't think this will be an honest restoration. It is in decent shape. I just plan to get it working a 100% and use it for a while.

I had it lit for a moment. The burners look to be in pretty good shape. Then the tank ran out and I realized the tank had a quick disconnect I had never seen before.



The tank is old. I don't think my Ace will refill it. Plus I have two normal style tanks, and I would really like to have all the same style of tanks. So I need to find a different regulator/connection I assume.

The old stock grates a little rusty and seem like they were cheesy anyway. I'll be replacing those. Seems like rcplanebuyer stainless is the way to go.

The flavorizers are still in good shape.

The igniter doesn't seem to be working, but I haven't messed with it much yet.

Thorough Cleaning
New Regulator
New Grates
Test/Replace Ignitor
Sand and finish/seal/stain/oil the wood

The hour I spent bopping around this site showed me there are some experienced redhead rehabbers are floating around. Please chime in with obvious missing pieces of info or recommendations for anything else I need to do to get this rolling. I am going to be buying some parts today and tomorrow.


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Graham: Your best bet it to trade the tank in at a walmart for a different filled tank....about 15 bucks and it will have the new connector. They don't seem to care if the old tanks have the old style or quick disconnects. Then, you will want to swap out the regulator and hose which is about a $9 item off amazon or you can find them at home depot or other big box stores for a bit more.

If you don't plan on trying to flip the grill, you have the most logical game plan for the restore. And it is perfectly fine to call it a restore if the grill is in need of some new parts and significant cleaning. But, you don't have to take the grill box down to bare metal and take it all apart and repaint it. What ever works for you. Get it back to good working condition with serviceable parts, clean out all the loose crud and fire it up and throw on some Ribeyes.
Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes.

Jon Tofte

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Bruce said it perfectly. You have an already very nice starting point that will be a GREAT grill with some elbow grease and a few parts.

For grates, rc's are definitely the cat's meow, but there are other options that cost less and still do well. If you have time, you might want to look at this detailed review I did last year. You will see that there are a range of very good options for considerably less to even half the price of rcplanebuyer's. Having said that, his are still THE standard for excellence. If you have the money to spare, you can't beat his workmanship.



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It could be all gunked up. But, I find the igniters usually fail due to the gas collector corroding away. I don't know why they use such thin metal for them. Something twice that thick would last MUCH longer and only cost maybe 50 cents more to produce.


Graham C

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Bruce, Jon, and Kyle

Thanks for advice. I have no intention of flipping it, unless I don't like it for some reason. I looking forward to having a 3 burner grill. I think my q grill is amazing, but I am looking forward to having the three burners to get quick high heat and more indirect low heat.


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Oh, you won't want to get rid of it. The Q grills are great, but they can't do everything.

Greg M

Graham I have a genesis 1000 I inherited from my father roughly 5 years ago. It's hands down the best and most trouble free grill I've ever owned. And I've owned a lot of grills over the last 40 years of my adult life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine.