Friday Night Chicken on the Kettle Gasser


Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Had a taste for chicken, I had six whole chickens in the freezer from a sale at $.69 a pound so I took one out about noon and soaked it in water to defrost it.
Went to the world’s best chicken cooker, my gasser kettle. Truly set it and forget it. One hour fifteen minutes done.
Only mistake I made was I forgot that Mrs. Dash doesn’t like high heat so it got a little charred, no problem as we don’t eat the skin.
The seasoning did work its way into the bird and it was delicious, cooked perfectly, very moist and tender.
Barb made her Dijon mustard, honey glazed carrots and we had a baker along with it.
Great quick Friday night dinner.

Love this thing!







Dang, that chicken was good!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the game.
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That is an awesome bbq and an excellent cook on it. Friday ended up being chicken night here:)
Chicken looks real good Rich & Barb as does the plated pic.
Looks like Whitney likes the snow too, if you want some more we'd be more than happy to send you some.
That chicken looks great!!! Very moist!!! You got more snow the me! I just got ice, lol. Love your dog :)