Free Q300


Dan L NY

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I couldn't just drive past this on the side of the road and not pick it up! Another grill with a free still works sign and it does, all I see is a degrease a good wipe down maybe new grates and boom.

My wife is so pissed im not sure if she will let me keep it!!


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I have three Q3xxx and two Q2xx grills on the permant stands out back. I just can't pass up on them. I really need to rehab a couple of them.

Why is your wife so mad about grabbing that one. Do you already have 4 or 5 grills hanging around?

Rich G

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Both my college aged daughters have "free from the side of the road" Q grills that only needed some cleaning (and an igniter.) I consider it doing my part to save the planet. Did you try that line of reasoning with your wife? Warning, it probably won't work.....ask me how I know. :)


Dan L NY

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Rich I do try to reason with her but its like a brick wall!!! I have a rotating line up as of now 3 are in the garage 4 more are in the shed along with a Blackstone. This one may have to make it up to hunting camp but I already have brought 2 up there.

Time will tell I really do need to thin the heard, between fishing equipment and grills I can really see how she thinks i have a problem!!


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Yah Dan, in all fairness, I can fully understand your wife on this one. Doesn't mean I agree with her, but I understand.

I gave one of my Q3xx grills to my SIL and Daughter. He loves it. Pretty novice at grilling but that is probably what appeals to him. It is a simple yet effective grill.

Dan L NY

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My son and I started tearing this thing apart, cleaning and went on to paint. He chose the color............................its not growing on me I may have to make an executive decision on this one!! haha


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I have no problem with that, but I would probably choose a bit darker blue color if it was me. I suggest you leave it as is. Try it out for a month or two and see if you don't come around. You can always repaint it later.

Richard in NS

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All done up i think it looks pretty good. I need to figure out something with the grey knobs.
Dan, I wonder if you could dye them blue like people dye them black. Black would probably look better than the white as well. You might loose the marks for how high you have it turned up though.


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Blue knobs would be really cool on that grill. You could just paint them. Several have done that on Genesis knobs. It doesn't last forever, but it would give you an idea what it would look like.

But, yah, dying them would be the ultimate. I am just not sure what it would do to the markings on the knobs. Light blue would probably be OK, but darker blue might cover them up.

Kyle in Woodstock

Looks great. I like that color....make sure you let that paint dry a LONG time before trying to put any sort of cover one it. Like months. I've learned the hard way a couple of times...but won't a 3rd!

Use it all you want, just don't cover that thing for a while.