Franklin Pit Scratch and Dent Sale



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I got this email also, some really sweet deals to be had. I'd take the bait if not for my other addition arriving in a couple months.


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the prices of offsets and other smokers have definitely gone up in price in the past 3 years, I miss having one and priced out the material to build one...ugh 1500 in metal alone ... I think there is more competition in the market now with millscale-LSG-workhorse pits-fatstacks etc I may break down and buy one


There’s one for sale near me on FB marketplace for $425.
You can buy one brand new for $449. (Or is the FBM one a second-hand Bronco Pro?).
I'd hate to think what the cost of shipping a 178lb smoker from Idaho to the UK is!!!
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My buddy got his (on my recommendation) for $150. This was fall of 2020 at Lowe's in Hagerstown. They had a 50% clearance on them - retail at the time was $300. Worth the drive. I wanted to buy one too even though I already had one - just to give as a gift to somebody but my wife didn't like the idea.