Fold out table


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I just acquired an older Spirt 500. With a little clean up and 20.. in part i love it ,used it all last summer. I would like to add a fold out table to the left side. I replaced the plastic table with wood slats. Now i want the flip out that comes out the of that. Has anyone added one to theirs? Ideas/ plan/ materials/

Thanks, Mike


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Nope, never did that but will be interested in what you come up with and photos at the end.

Stefan H

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I don't know if the foldup table from a 3 burner Genesis 1000 can be fitted or modified since the frame of the 1000 is deeper than the frame of the 500. Of course you would need to find a donor grill as these foldup tables are no longer sold. Another option might be a slide out table underneath the frame using drawer sliders. But all will require some work and time. A second prep table besides the grill might be cheaper.
Get a cheap or free donor grill and remove firebox, manifold and controls and add a wood top.


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The drawer sliders might be the way to go. Looking at the top mounting style. I'm going to wait till spring, i"m a fair weather griller.