Flanken ribs advice needed

James H

Hi all. Love flanken ribs and usually have about 1/2 inch thickness and grill 2 mins or so side. The ones I have for today are like and inch and a quarter thick and I am concerned about what change I need in grill time/method/temp. Any help from the vwbb team would really be appreciated. Thank you.

Lynn Dollar

TVWBB Wizard
I've never found flaken ribs that thick. If it were me, I'd go indirect, possibly reverse sear them just like a steak.

Brad Olson

TVWBB Gold Member
You can debone them but it's not necessary. I did a search for "butterfly short ribs" and found a couple of videos:


Kevin L (NKY)

TVWBB Wizard
Also I would think that if cooked at full thickness tuffness would be a major concern. My wife a SKorean say to rinse in cool water to remove bone chips and excess blood. Then place meat in a large plastic bag along with your marinade, and be sure to add a puree of pear, or you can use lemon lime soda can be used in lue of.
The acids break down the meat fibers. Then cook indirect , I use my vortex and you can flash sear over the vortex if you like I just drag across it.
Enjoy, Also in receipe section there are some great korean receipes for excellent deep flavors