FIXED!! Genesis II S335 - Burners not lighting with ignition system



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I have a Genesis II S-335. The 2 outside (top and bottom in the pic) burners were faulty. You can see the first 1-2 ports, nearest to the igniter, on the faulty burners have no flame. The only way I could get them to light was manually. My middle and sear burner both lit without issue using the ignition system.

I went back and forth with Weber customer service on this (replacing burners, igniter positioning, safety mode, etc) for two weeks, and finally I convinced them that we needed to replace the manifold. This solved the issue.

My hope is that this post can save others some headaches, as I had seen this issue posted elsewhere, but never saw that anyone had been able to resolve the problem.



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Thanks for posting !

That is rather bizarre. Do you have a pic of it after its all working correctly? Just curious