Fish Tacos on the wsm


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Bought some whole Tilapia on sale a while back and finally got around to cooking it. Used some olive wood chips for smoke. Bad Byron's Jubilee Seafood seasoning for the rub. And the wife made a mango salsa.

Turned out pretty darn good! Fish tacos aren't a favorite of mine, but its nice to change things up a bit. Thanks for looking, see you next cook!

Jim Lampe

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HoleyMoley (not Mackerel) Sixto! Those Fishys Look AWESOME!
My problem is: I wooda ate'm without the taco tortillas:D The WHOLE FISH! Bones & All!
Excellent! VeryNice Indeed!!


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Tacos look pretty dang good. You cooked those crappies very nicely. I filet them, and use crushed rits crackers in mayo as a paste and slap those bad boys on the BBQ....however I have to admit, your cook looks pretty dang good, just might have to bad, I thought they were crappies, I see that they're actually tilapia

Phil Perrin

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I saw the title and was scratching my head. Then I took a look and started drooling. That's a nice fish taco!

Robert McGee

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Those look wonderful!
(As an aside, BOY, those fish swallowed some big hooks!:eek:).... (I'm sorry, but the debbil made me do it!:rolleyes:).

Keep on smokin'