First smoke was....


Ryan T

New member
... a huge success!

Went with a small 4lb pork shoulder as it's pretty forgiving. Meat went on at 7am and came off at 5pm @ 205IT. Foiled at 160 to push through the stall, will start earlier next time as want to try crispy bark. Rested for 1.5 hours and then time to tuck in. Pork was super tender, served with red coleslaw on a toasted bun.

A big thank you to this community - I spent way too much time earlier this week reading the forum in preparation for today, the info shared was key to today's success. I was nervous of my WSM being new and running hot, but needed have worried. Held 235-250 without any stress. Used water and didn't put enough in, had to top up early afternoon.

The wife has named the WSM R2D2 as it looks like the Star Wars robot....

5 day weekend coming up, have ordered a brisket and rack of ribs for next weekend - can't wait.

Ryan T

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Pics - that requires more technical capability than I possessed last night ;-) Maybe this evening...


Congrats,try it without the foil crutch some time ,I never use foil but it can help steam the crust back to soggy tender if needed

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I did my first bullet smoke Saturday, pork loin and chicken thighs with digital support from TonyUK the feast was spectacular! I don't fool with photobucket so say what you will but, I know the truth is out there! Next will be a ham and pineapple

Ryan T

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^^^ +1 Tony UK's information was very helpful to me too.

Pleased to hear the first smoke went well. We finished off the last off the pulled pork yesterday and it was delicious.

Looking forward to this weekend and more smoking adventures.