First Smoke from this past weekend


Anne M.

Sounds like you had some success!
Have fun with the next attempt (and show us some pictures ;) )

Barb D

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Jesse, sounds like you had a great cook. Looking forward to seeing others, enjoy.

Jesse K

New member
Thanks all! Still trying to figure out the image hosting on the site... obviously haha

What site do people use for the images? I have read through the thread but not carefully enough haha

Jeremy Calow

TVWBB Super Fan
Ribs are always a great way to play with the WSM!! I'm not much help on the photo side as everything is hosted on my own page for me so, I know some folks have used smugmug, flickr, I used to have success with google photo but that has been sucked into the ether with the rest of the google suite.

Ed M.

I am able to see your pics using your link, Jesse. Final product looks great!:wsm:

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