First big smoke


Sameer Wahid

TVWBB Member
This Saturday will be my first big smoke on the WSM (18.5). I'm planning 8 racks of rolled baby backs (BRITU rub), along with four sausages and two fattys (one bacon weave, one plain). All this to feed 12 people. Thinking of starting around 12:30 with the ribs, adding the fattys around 3, and the sausages at 4, in plans for dinner around 6.

I've done a few smaller rib cooks so far, but nothing this big. Is there anything missing? Is this enough grub? Was thinking of adding a dozen chicken thighs on the charcoal grill, but I don't want to overdo it.


Brian Staley

Now this is how you load a WSM!
Sounds like more then enough food. Even with out the chicken. But then again, people do like doggie bags.
Be sure to take lots of pictures.

Sameer Wahid

TVWBB Member
Thanks guys - I ended up getting the chicken "just in case", but it was overkill for our group of 10 - I think only two thighs were eaten.

Sorry James - completely forgot the camera. I will say this - rolling ribs is a great way to do a cook, if serving 1/3 racks or smaller (they don't straighten out very well). Looked and tasted great, and I prefer rolling to rib racks, since there's less touching of ribs and more even heat (i.e. no ribs on the "inside". Also, although I only did four racks per grate (I put the thicker racks on the top) it would've been easy to do five.

The bacon weave fatty was well liked, but lacked flavour in the sausage (Maple Leaf brand). Just means I'll have to try again with different meat!

All in all, 10 people went through 5 racks of ribs, the bacon-wrapped fatty, and three smoked sausages, along with potato and macaroni salads on the side.