Favorite "not so usual" pizza topping


RichPB (richlife)

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This seems like a good section for asking what are your favorite not-so-typical homemade pizza ingredients. Or maybe typical for some but not all. Or maybe just your overwhelming favorites.

My "standard" pizza is pepperoni and jalapeno with mozzarella cheese. The first time I had it was in a small west central Tennessee town circa 1975 -- job interview site right out of grad school. It was a totally new concept to me and elevated my thinking about hot. spicy foods about 500%! Smokin'!! 🥵 Started me down the long road to habanero perdition...

Anyway, aside from occasional typical add-ons, a couple of my favorites are sliced Roma tomatoes (fairly standard on true Italian pizzas), and the real special -- small approx 1/2" buds of cauliflower. These buds are exceptional at picking up flavors from the pizza sauce and other toppings and making something magic. When I have cauliflower, I always look forward to making pizza.

C Lewis

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Nothing special on mine, any meat products will do, usually bacon (just 'cuz), italian sausage, pepperoni, etc., and got to have onions.

My son, however, likes cut up hot dogs on his.


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White anchovies, with thinly sliced romas that are slightly dried served atop fresh mozz and a drizzle of excellent EVOO.

RichPB (richlife)

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I love pepperoni (usual) and spinach (not so usual). I also love the crab rangoon pizza at Fongs in Des Moines. That whole pie is unusual.

Though unusual for many, all of my pizzas get anchovies. They get processed into the sauce. All those unsuspecting people who think they don't like anchovies on pizzas love my pies.
Hmm, I think I'd really like to try that. Details possi?

Bob Bailey

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One of the most unusual toppings I remember having was escargot with a creamy garlic sauce. It was great! Jalapeños and jack cheese with mild green chili sauce is also excellent, though not nearly as unusual.


We love to drop "blobs" of cream cheese (and even goat cheese) around the pizza for the final couple minutes. Combined with traditional yummy salty topping (sausage, pepperoni etc) it is AMAZING to bite into that sweet, creamy blob!


Ricotta cheese, fresh garlic, steamed fresh chopped broccoli, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil in that order.

Anne M.

Not sure, but I like overaged Gouda cheese on mine. Generally fresh tomato and no sauce.
Capers, olives and/or anchovies, whichever I got in stock.
Chili & garlic always.
Caramalised onions (like for a pissalidiere) works real nice

If I use sauce, I like cream cheese or tapenade.

And I love the flammkuchen ingredients on.my pizza, sour cream, chives, bacon


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Octopus pizza with black ink sauce.

Just kidding, but ive seen it on menu. I didnt try it.


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My Grandfather (who ran a pizzeria back in the day) made pizzas all the time for us. My favorite was a calamari pizza. Not sure what went into it (wish I knew) but the sauce (a dark reddish brown) was spicy and slightly sweet. He sort of diced the calamari and piled it on - MMMMmmmm...

-John (Boston)