Favorite Chapter?

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Chris Allingham

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I know that asking if you have a favorite chapter in Smokestack is like asking a proud parent which of their children is their favorite...but I thought I'd ask anyway!

Is there a chapter in the book that you like best? If so, which one and why?

One of my favorite chapters is "Barbecue on the Border: Brownsville" in which you describe Vera's Backyard Bar-B-Que and their preparation of barbacoa. It's so well written, I feel like I'm right there observing the cleaning of those cow heads first hand. And the whole time, I'm thinking, "Are they going to eat that?" and you keep me in suspense until the last three paragraphs...


Lolis Eric Elie

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You're right, it's a tough question. I'll try to come close to answering it though. I'll give you a few favorites.

I like the chapter on Dreamland because Mr. Bishop was such a good talker that I was able to just get out of his way and let him talk.

I like the chapter on Otis P. Boyd in Kansas City. He was a great character and I'm glad I was able to capture him a few years before he died.

The Chapters on Memphis and Chicago were good, I think, because Frank had personal connections in those places. There was much to write about in addition to just the food stuff.

I like the Epilogue because it was my final chance to live among those people once more before turning the book aside for other pursuits.

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