Chip N

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I have made chicken fajitas a ton of times. I want to try some steak ones next. What cut of meat should i use?

Chuck G

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I’ve used outside skirt and flank and both are good. Haven’t tried tri-tip or round. Got to be quick cooked, so watch out for too much marinade.
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I typically use flank or skirt. Inside is more common but outside when I can get it. I don't marinate. I make a wet rub consisting of EVOO, for the liquid (not to soak in just to lubricate it), unsweetened cocoa powder, cumin, chili powder, Mexican (if I can get it) oregano, some salt, and well chopped fresh garlic. All that is whirred together in my little Cuisinart food processor. I rub that on the steak and then let it sit a bit while heating the grill. I use higher heat on the inside skirt, lower on outside or flank